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Christy  L. Foos, LSCSW, LCAC is a clinical therapist who also conducts Alcohol and Drug Evaluations.  She encourages treating the mind, body, and spirit. Thus, she teaches the value of eating properly, participating in healthy activities, and feeding the spirit with positive peaceful energy-self love.  



DUI & Standard Alcohol & Drug Evaluations

We are  SB123 approved!   Complete Clinical Assessment, Diagnostic Screening, Clinical interview, and paperwork faxed to appropriate recipient within 1 to 48 hours. Call today and we will schedule your appointment within 4 to 48 hours of the phone call.  You will be provided educational materials during this appointment, as well as a 15 minute Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Intervention.


Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional

We will schedule your appointment immediately so we can start the process and get you back to work as fast as ethically possible. It takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete initial assessment. We will make a recommendation, provide case management and conduct the follow up RTD evaluation. The cost includes all written letters to employers even if you need them sent 2 years from now. You will receive excellent individualized service!!!


Clinical Therapy-Individual and Group Therapy

We provide therapy for grief resolution, anger management, positive communication skills, coping skills for depression, stress, and anxiety. We teach Microsoft Office Skills and coach educational and career goals.  The goal is to add Intensive Outpatient alcohol and drug treatment in the near future.   We will keep you updated through this website. 

Additional Information


Alcohol and Drug Evaluation-What to Expect at your first appointment


You are going to be treated with respect and dignity.  It will be a pleasant experience for you.  By providing the following it will make the process go quicker and easier.  Bring the following: drivers license, social security card, proof of income (last 3 pay stubs) and residence (piece of mail with your name and address), name of your representative such as supervisor, human resource person, Parole Officer, Intensive Supervision Officer, or who ever is going to receive your evaluation results. We’ll need to know your last 5 years of employment, education level, doctor’s name and contact information, an emergency contact, and other information. Plan 1 to 2 hours for the evaluation.  We want you to feel safe and confident that we will take excellent care in providing quality service to you in a confidential and respectful manner.