Founder and CEO


Christy L. Foos, LSCSW, LCAC (KS & OK)


Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor 

Certified Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional 

Licensed by the state of Kansas as an Alcohol and Drug Evaluator


Hello Beautiful People:

Thank you for visiting my website!  It is a pleasure to serve my community!  I'd like to tell you about myself and the services I provide.  

My goal is to always strive to do the best for my clients.  My clients receive strength based client centered treatment and are encouraged to be a big part of their mental and behavioral health success! Our work together is a partnership and is centered on a holistic approach. Clients are treated with respect, dignity, and non-judgement, as well as being my number one priority!

My specialty is working with people who have been exposed and impacted by grief, addiction, and or trauma whether it be on a small scale or large. I am here to help people learn coping skills to reduce and eliminate the negative impact these things have on their lives. In addition, other focus points are anger management and depression. Substance Use Disorder is an area with which I am well familiar. I am certified to evaluate people in safety sensitive positions (Department of Transportation), DUI’s, and SB 123 clients, as well as the standard alcohol and drug evaluation. 

My portfolio includes working in the prison system with males who require crisis intervention for sexual assault, suicidal/homicidal ideation, psychotic behaviors, and co-occurring disorders. Youth males in the juvenile justice authority system who have substance use disorders, behavioral problems, and again, co-occurring conditions. I have worked with children in the school system who present with behavioral problems and aging adults who suffer depression and dementia.

I feel so blessed to be the person people trust to share their life stories with. It is an honor to work with people and see them grow and develop into the best that they can be. I learn from these people and have great gratitude toward them. In my opinion there is not anything more important than a human life, and that is where I want to invest my energy. 

Helping people through their recovery is so rewarding!  I can be the light for  people when they are in a dark place in their life;  their strength when they are weak; teach  them coping skills to cope with their symptoms; educate and empower them; give them  love and hope. By all of these things, they will learn to stand on their own with  with their heads held high.  All people have strengths and weaknesses. We are all human and at some point in our lives we need someone to help give us a guiding hand.  People in my life have helped me at times when I needed it most.  I want to give that back to others.  

Feel free to reach out to me and schedule an appointment. Christy